About Us

For us, there is nothing like product information that speaks to the reader, that informs them and gives them unbiased resources that they can use in their daily lives. For us, this is about giving them the best reviews on products, something that not a lot of sites do well. There are a lot of review sites out there, but only a few write from a completely unbiased perspective. The others are busy writing about the products from companies that are paying them, which means that the reader does not get a lot of information about what they can do to make educated purchases.

This is why we are different from them and why we have decided to become the leader in state of the art review methods and ways to give customers information that they can actually use. Whether it is for household items or for recreation, everything we review is put through a rigorous testing process and the results are reported with the utmost clarity and objectivity. We are journalists at heart and in a world of fake news and spurious reviews, we believe that what we are doing is improving the way that people view the media. Let us help you choose the best products for your situation and budget. Products that allow you to live a better life and that allow you to become the shopper you have always wanted to be. A shopper that does not look at hype, but looks at facts and does the homework before buying any product.